Why I cannot see my SEPA IN transfer

Why I cannot see my SEPA IN transfer

  • The bank transfer should be SEPA only, please confirm with your client, it is a SEPA transfer? If it is SWIFT one, you are not able to receive the money.
  • Check the IBAN, is it the correct one?
  • Does the sender bank has some other reason to stop the transaction, kindly advise your client to contact the respective bank for more information. / not enough money is the balance, currency is EURO, etc/
  • Be ready to provide additional documents of your client if he is an individual like:

SOF - a document or a proof to show how the client generated his money:

1- LinkedIn Profile or Bloomberg link.

2- Bank account details / statement for last 3 months/

3- Stock Exchange account statement.

4- Trading account / or Crypto currency trading account.

5- Proof of selling house or inherited property selling.

6- Gifts / Heritage 

7- Salary mentioned in the bank statement.

8- Verifiable Saving account.

KYC:  Know your Client

Proof of ID: 

  • Passport
  • ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Residency Card

Proof of Address:

  • Utility Bill for a service that proves the location of living such as:
  • Electricity Company
  • Water
  • Stationary TV Cables
  • Stationary Phone (Landline).
  • Rental Agreement

Proof of Address shall be on the name of the Proof of ID holder, and it shall be within the range of 3 months.

Proof of ID shall be Valid.

  • Be ready to provide additional documents of your client if he is an entity like:

  1. contract / signed by both parties/ 

2- invoice with full details

Note: If there is a field of signature at the document / invoice, contract/, it should be signed, not empty!

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